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Company Profile: Gebau
Founded in 2007 Gebau produces high-quality plastic sheets for thermoforming in the large assortment with manufacturing areas of 3,5 ha. in the Moscow region. Moreover, this company is working in compliance with international standards and is equipped with extrusion system of KUHNE GMBH (Germany). Gebau has a large distribution chain through sheet and advertising companies in Russia as well as has international partners such as BASF, Clariant, Arkema, LG MMA, Ineos Styrolution and Ivonik Industries that distribute plastic materials for advertising, architectural and industrial design as well as realise polymer and plastic materials and their component parts. Gebau focuses on the requirements of the modern market and uses innovative design and technology, constantly improving quality. Gebau aims at working professionally, quickly and efficiently while applying an individual approach to cooperate effectively at the national and international levels.

Gebau facility is equipped with three lines: two German extrusion lines KUHNE GMBH and one Italian - BANDERA with the capacity of 600 kg / h and 800-1000 kg / h respectively (depending on the type of material and the range of sheets).  Different widths are possible at the same time in two streams. One of the advantages is the protective film that is applied to the surface layer (external / glossy or matte), performing primarily a protective function on both sides of the sheet making a sandwich secure. Furthermore, a standard position of the standard product with the protective film on the upper layer can be also produced.


Manufactured range of materials:

Polystyrene sheet (HIPS).
Standard / storage colors: white, black, opal, red (2 colours), yellow (2 colours), blue (2 colours), blue (2 colours), orange, green (2 colours), brown (2 colours). All these colors correspond to specific value of RAL / Pantone and are unified between all the manufacturers in the advertising market.
Application: advertising production: light boxes, signs, dimensional letters, POS materials. Manufacturing of lighting products / plates and partitions. Household appliances / goods: cases, interior cabinets of refrigerators. Manufacturing of commercial equipment / display-counters.
This product group consists of 95% of Russian raw materials.

ABS Sheet
Application: advertising production. Manufacture of electrical housing, interior parts, details for automobile industry. Household appliances / goods: housing. Retail equipment manufacturing / display-counters.
This product group consists of 75% of Russian raw materials

Application: production of sanitary products: bathtubs, shower cabins: shower base including walls and cabins. Automotive boxes and trunks, furniture fronts. All raw ingredients and finished products are constantly being tested in the laboratory which is located on the premises. The laboratory is equipped with modern facilities such as for the analysis:
Laboratory extruder, filter test measuring Brabender mixer, Testing machine ZWICK
Impact machine Zwick, Spectrophotometer, moisture analyzer, oven to determine the shrinkage of the sheet and so on. 


Breakdown of technical characteristics of sheet materials

Technical parameter



ABS+PMMA (10%)

Density, g/см3




Notched Charpy Impact (-30°С), kJ / m2




Tensile module, MPa




Vicat Softening point, °С




Use temperature, °С




Temperature of termoforming, °С




Coefficient of linear thermal expansion, 10-6/ °С




Technological shrinkage of the termoformed product, %




Heat capacity, kDj/kg*k




Gebau is a company that prides itself on our high-quality products, reliable service levels, and inspiring confidence in our customers. Our values, combined with the current favourable prices in light of the devaluation of the rouble in Russia, provide our perspective clients with a fantastic opportunity. Gebau’s main aim is to create mutually advantageous business partnerships with companies using polymeric sheets.

Contact details

Aviamotornaya St., 10, building 2 111024
Contact person: Artem Smirnov, Commercial Director Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel: +7 (929) 977 1951


Contact Person: Sergei Averin, CCI RF Tel: +44(0)20 7931 6455 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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